5 Ton Military Flat Deck Utility Trailer M1061A1 – $6500


This is a 5 ton military flat deck utility trailer. We have two of them and only need one trailer. We’ve had up to four pallets of pavers at one time that we’ve hauled to one of our jobs. Each pallet of pavers weighs roughly 3000 pounds (1.5 tons each).

This trailer can handle a lot of weight if you need it to. We also use it to haul our skid steer tractors from job to job.

The brake system is air over hydraulic so basically you’ll need a tractor truck with air however we’ve hooked it up to our one ton trucks and they pull it just fine. Just need to drive slow because you won’t have brakes.

It’s a really handy trailer to have when you need to haul heavy weight.

The trailer is about 17 to 18 feet long and 8 feet wide.

This trailer is practically brand new as the military always maintains their stuff.

Call me if you’re interested or have any questions.

702-884-4000 Joe

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